Photo by: Rodney Ye

We've all been in Beijing many times, I’ve lived here for a few months back in 2007, but this time, I walked around the streets like I’ve never even seen them, walking around with old memories. Before we started planing the 4 day trip, the immediate thinking was to goto those famous tourist spots I’ve never been in the past, such as: Yonghe Temple, Qianmen(ZhengYangmen) etc. This shoot is all about exploring the old legacy of the capital, walking through the streets as a real stranger to everybody else, leave only the memories as photographs to which I could hold on forever. 

This trip is all about Chinese designers, From top to bottom, the printed shirt &pants from Shanghai based Australians designer brand MISSY SKINS (my long time favourite) , coming up the back white plat jumpsuit from C.J YAO,the white lace dress is vintage, the last navy blue long dress is from BABYGHOST 

More to come from Beijing Travel