Photographer: RODNEY YE

WEAR: C/MEO Collective navy yellow crop top Finderskeepers; black C/MEO collective shorts; navy jumpsuit from Finderskeepers;  Keepsake white Kimono suit and C/MEO Collective withe jumpsuit.

A message to you: I want to learn more from you!


I love this simple greeting. It is so versatile. The way one says it conveys so much meaning. Loudly as a shout, or quietly as a whisper.  

Hi, nice to meet you!

Even though I already posted a few articles in my journal, I always feel I haven't written enough. Most of my articles tell their story through pictures. 

There is a saying that “ Practice makes perfect.” it’s a reminder to myself. I think somehow we all wanted to reach some kind perfection.

Now I wanted to explain a little more about what I working on in this journal.

I always wanted to see myself in different characters, not necessary in acting, performance in pictures is a perfect way to express my desire in creating some new memories. Meanwhile in all the pictures took by photographers I still try to make my own mark. Every single shoot we've done in the past few months, I've been involved not only as a model but also attended to the preparation of the shoots. 

I love the saying: "Capturing life beyond reality.” In Chinese I will say “照片中的生活始终是你过过的那几秒“.


If you read my “Picture Diary”, please share your thought with me. I’d love to know the words you would add in to my capture. This one it's #CYUinaction


About the blog name:
The caption(and the hashtag) of #CYU everywhere,
CYU as the same pronunciation as "see you". CYU are you, are them, CYU is everyone.  CYU can be everywhere in the world.
Everything in daily life can be appearance in all my "part of fashion editorial life documentary”.